72 Hours

Thanks to all that have checked in this week.  I can’t believe it’s already Thursday, and I can’t believe it’s only Thursday.  If you know what I’m saying.

All I have at this point today is to announce that the Packers have moved up to 3 1/2 point favorites, from 3 earlier in the week.  As the Bears were closing out the Seahawks Sunday, I predicted Green Bay would be favored by four.  Perhaps it will get there by gametime.  Fine by me.

4 Responses to “72 Hours”

  1. It’s been the longest week of my life! It feels like waiting for christmas when I was a kid! Give me a present BEARS!!!

  2. I’m thinking about putting a little money on the Bears moneyline…and it’s paying +165 right now (bet $100, get $165 if they win outright). I’d like to see it go up to +170 or +175, just waiting it out right now.

  3. Underdogs in our own house…for the NFC Championship game…if that doesn’t inspire a player – by pissing him off – I don’t know what will. I’m looking for our defense to come out fired up and shut down the Pack attack. I think Hester is going to take one to the house as well. Our offense just needs to protect Cutler and establish the run and we should be fine. GO BEARS!

  4. Our Papa,Who art a Bear,Hallowed be thy fame,Thy Championship come,Thy play be run,At home as it is away. Give us this day our Sunday win,and forgive us our turnovers.though we pounce on those who turnover against us. And lead us not into fourth and long. But deliver us from Rodgers. In the name of Ditka,Butkus and the Holy Payton. As it was in 1985,so shall it be in 2011. Reign without end. Da Bears.