1985 Bears on the Simpsons

This will prove how little I really want to talk about the 2007 Chicago Bears at this time.

All I have for today is a funny tidbit from last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons. For whoever missed it, a young entrepreneur voiced by Jack Black took advantage of the fact that Comic Book Guy treated the kids of Springfield like crap, opening a new kids’ fun store across the street.

The new store blew away Android’s Dungeon, Comic Book Guy’s place, but Bart eventually challenged the new store’s owner as to whether he really knew his comic book heroes or not. I realize I’m butchering what was really said here, but Jack Black’s character then compared the virtues of these two fictional comic book characters.

One, he said, nearly blotted out the sun, but the other character actually carried the 1985 Chicago Bears on its back.

Pretty sweet. Among their other accomplishments, the ’85 Bears are now forever a part of The Simpsons.

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