Rounding out Jerry Angelo

Hard to believe as of today, only 13 more business days remain until the Bears open training camp! As I’ve been lamenting to many who have asked me the last several weeks, of course I love when football season starts. But I love Summer as well, and when football starts we know it’s a short downward spiral to winter. And given the way the seasons treat us in Chicago, following this crazy hot Summer we’re thinking it will probably be snowing in September and bitterly cold in October.

So we have 20 or so more Jerry Angelo updates, which means two posts a day on many days the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Rounding out Jerry Angelo”

  1. Winter can’t come soon enough here in Florida, but we can’t complain with what you guys have been through up there over the past couple weeks.

  2. I’m trying not to complain either Perno-I HATE winter so I even enjoy 100 degrees to a point. But it was brutal last week. Oddly though, I have learned to love Bears games in frigid weather. Don’t know why.

  3. It’s probably because you hate your extremities and just comfort in general, haha!

  4. It’s crazy…as a teenager I went to every home game with my Dad and neither of us knew how to dress. An enduring memory is the 1988 NFC Championship loss to the 49ers, huddled in a smelly end zone bathroom where all the dudes were filling up the sinks with piss. But it was heavenly warm. Since I have learned how to dress for cold games with about 10 layers (see last photo from Green Bay ’08 game-coldest game ever in Chicago I’m OK. That game was actually a blast-I was toasty even though the beer froze in 10 minutes. So think of us when you’re in Tampa in December!!!

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