Much More Jerry Angelo to Come

Thanks for the comments-glad to know a few of my friends out there are reading. Some of your comments indicate that you’d like to see some more on Angelo-such as some of the decisions that didn’t work out so much.

Well, we have you covered. After a hiatus next week, starting on the 18th we’ll be back in full force covering three times more of Angelo’s moves, both good and bad. The article will be complete in the time for the start of training camp in July.

We started with the good draft picks so as not to look like we’re piling on the dearly departed.

3 Responses to “Much More Jerry Angelo to Come”

  1. I read each one, just didn’t have much to say. Great insight as usual!

  2. Thanks as always Perno!

  3. And to absolutely no one’s surprise, Angelo’s fourth best draft pick is the only holdout at minicamp.

    Delete the previous response Roy. Can that spam!

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