Jerry Angelo’s Worst Draft Picks: #10

Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias-Round 3 2009:

Jarron GilbertIn the 2009 draft it was critical for the Bears to hit on their picks, as they did not have a first-rounder due to the trade for Jay Cutler. Chicago’s first pick that year was in the second round, 49th overall. Jerry Angelo and his staff decided to trade down rather than use the selection, netting Seattle’s third and fourth-round picks in return. With the extra picks the Bears selected Iglesias, wide receiver from Oklahoma in the third, and cornerback D.J. Moore from Vanderbilt. Moore has ended up to this point being a solid, playmaking nickel back unsuited to be a starting corner. But available in the second round were center Max Unger and tackle Sebastian Vollmer, solid players in the NFL at what are still need positions for the Bears.

With their own third-round pick, the Bears selected defensive tackle Jarron Gilbert from San Jose State. Gilbert was a relative unknown who became a draft sensation due to a YouTube video of him jumping out of a pool from a crouch. Too bad Gilbert’s pool-jumping skills never translated to the NFL; he was active for four games as a Bear and cut the following season. Iglesias was active for only one game as a Bear, and Chicago let the Minnesota Vikings sign him off their practice squad in 2010. Two third-round picks, four games active, nothing in return.

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  1. They had to have picked him for more than the YouTube video…right? Right? Nahhh probably not.

  2. Right on…

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