Jerry Angelo’s Worst Draft Pick

Cedric Benson-RB-Texas-Round 1 2005:

Cedric Benson

Cedric Benson

With the fourth overall pick in the 2005 draft, the Bears selected Cedric Benson. My personal favorite pre-draft line about Benson was that he was built like (former Saint and Dolphin) Ricky Williams, but wasn’t as good and had more potential for problems. And the pundits were right. Benson was in full-fledged bawling mode when he went to the podium as the fourth-overall pick, and would later reveal that they weren’t tears of happiness. No, Benson was crying because his agent had advised the Bears not to draft him because the Bears weren’t prepared to meet Benson’s contract demands. Thus Benson knew he would be a holdout from the moment he was drafted. And hold out he did, not arriving with the Bears until 36 days after the other players reported, after the entire preseason was over. And the players did not take kindly to the new arrival. Benson looked solid in spot duty in 2005 before being injured and missing significant playing time, then again looked good in a supporting role to starter Thomas Jones in the 2006 Super Bowl season. Prior to 2007 Angelo traded Thomas Jones to pave the way full time for Benson, and Benson again missed much of the season with an injury. In his sole season as the starter Benson rushed for 647 yards and four touchdowns. Following an arrest prior to the 2008 season, the Bears cut ties with their highest draft pick since they had selected Dan Hampton in 1979. Players available in the draft when Benson was selected included DeMarcus Ware, Carlos Rogers, Antrel Rolle, Jammal Brown, Aaron Rodgers and Roddy White.

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  1. I dunno, I would have gone with Dan Bazuin number 1. Benson at least was a useful piece on a Super Bowl team. Bazuin never played a single down.

    Hard to complain (about the ranking, that is). Both are pretty awful tales.

  2. Can you imagine how dominant our linebackers would be if we had Ware, Urlacher, and Briggs?

  3. Lots of money tied up in linebacker if that was the case too. Benson, what a loser.

  4. Roy – I think you’re being a little generous to Rosie Williams. I’d have him higher on the list – just thinking of that Green Bay game.

    No arguments about the No 1 spot though.

  5. That’s what’s great about doing this Bill, everyone has an opinion and they’re all valid. I remember what you’re talking about-I was at that game in Green Bay in ’02. I can’t recall exactly, didn’t he have a shot to run in an int or fumble recovery for a TD but he went to the ground, or he fumbled or something? But there were so many other bad Angelo picks I couldn’t rate this one higher!

  6. It was the last play before halftime. Bears were leading.

    Favre threw it up. I remember that someone intercepted the pass, but then there were a couple of fumbles. The ball was bouncing around a bit and it ended up in Rosie’s hands. I think he ran most of the length of the field, but was caught from behind inside the 10 yard line. Probably would have put the game away had he taken it in.

    I was listening to the radio commentary. Tom Thayer was spitting feathers.

    The thing is that some of the players on this list never played a down with the Bears, so we’ll never know for sure how bad they really were. But Rosie hurt us every time he stepped on the field.

  7. Good memory Bill. Yes another horrible, frustrating loss to the Packers. On a side note, I attended the games at Lambeau from 2001-2003, all losses. Of course the Bears sandwiched my visits with wins in 99-2000 AND 2004-2007. Lucky me. But yes, the Bears were up pretty solidly at halftime and that may have put it away. But alas they blew it. However my friend, didn’t Williams also have something to do with a game-saving tackle on Wayne Chrebet against the Jets in Champaign that year? Not that it matters anymore. I guess I felt some of the higher round picks that never played were bigger busts. Thinking about it this one definitely could have gone ahead of Okwo. But again, at least Williams hit the field whereas the others didn’t.

  8. You’re probably right. Just checked and he he got a game ball against the Jets.

  9. Interesting, where do you find “game ball” history? But you’re right too, Rosey Williams was not a good pick.

  10. Ahem … wikipedia

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