Jerry Angelo’s Best Draft Pick

Lance Briggs-LB-Arizona-Round 3 2003:

Lance BriggsWhat makes the Briggs pick even more fortuitous is that Briggs was drafted for (former defensive coordinator) Greg Blache’s system one year before Lovie Smith’s arrival. Smith’s base cover two defense relied heavily on a dynamic tackler to man the weak side “will” linebacker, and although Briggs became a solid starter as the strong side linebacker during his rookie year, he excelled as the will linebacker when Smith arrived. By Briggs’ third year he was an NFL All Pro, and following the 2011 season he had been selected as a Pro Bowl talent by his peers for seven consecutive seasons. Regimes prior to Angelo’s (Dave Wannstedt/Mike McCaskey, Mark Hatley) failed to draft Pro Bowl players at any position by and large, so by snagging a perennial Pro Bowl player in the third round, Briggs became Angelo’s best draft pick in his ten years as General Manager of the Chicago Bears.

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  1. Wouldn’t disagree with any of these.

    This shows why Angelo isn’t around any more. Plenty of 2nd, 3rd and 4th round picks, but only one from the 1st.

  2. Great list, Roy. Jerry Angelo doesn’t seem so bad in hindsight (Halo Effect, or some other type of past-view bias!). Maybe you should list his top ten busts to put things in perspective, LOL.

  3. I really liked this list a lot. I expected Brian Urlacher to be on here, but maybe his high draft position kept him off.

  4. Thanks guys-there is MUCH more to come, including his busts, stay tuned. John, Urlacher was a Mark Hatley pick, that’s why he wasn’t on the list.

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