Jerry Angelo’s 9th Worst Acquisition

Chester Taylor-RB-Free Agent 2010:

Chester Taylor

Chester Taylor

Taylor was second on the list of three successive failed players at the backup running back position. Because former Lion Kevin Jones couldn’t stay healthy, and starter Matt Forte was coming off a somewhat disappointing sophomore season, the Bears threw $7 million guaranteed at Taylor when he became a free agent. Despite being 29 years old, it was thought that Taylor’s legs were fresh as he had only been a starter in the league for one season (2006). He had spent the majority of his career backing up Jamal Lewis in Baltimore and Adrian Peterson in Minnesota. For the $7 million the Bears paid Taylor for one season, they received 267 yards rushing with a 2.4 yard average per carry and three touchdowns.

4 Responses to “Jerry Angelo’s 9th Worst Acquisition”

  1. I really thought he’d do much better, darn shame.

  2. Saw Kevin Jones’ injury duing the 2009 preseason. Nasty hit. Extended the career of the Bears Adrian Peterson by one year.

  3. Wasn’t used properly…where the screen passes that made him so effective in Minnesota?? I expected much more out of this signing.

  4. He wasn’t as bad as the numbers make it out to be. He was a 3rd down type of back for most of his career and after the Bears signed him, Forte proved he couldn’t make the short yardage runs. The Bears plugged in Taylor in short yardage situations and his yards per attempt went down while Forte’s went up. Taylor was never that good, but he did an admirable job for the Bears in short yardage and pass blocking. They made the right move to get rid of him in favor if bigger backs like Barber and Bush.

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