Jerry Angelo’s 9th Best Draft Pick

Tommie Harris-DT-Oklahoma-Round 1 2004:

In Lovie Smith’s first season, the Bears desperately needed a prototypical three-technique defensive tackle since they were switching from Greg Blache’s one-gap system. It seems as if the Bears had some luck when top talent Harris slipped to the Bears’ 14th overall selection. Harris was a stud from the beginning, making the Pro Bowl from 2005-2007. But following a massive torn hamstring injury in 2006, he was never the same. It was later revealed that Harris may have dropped to the Bears in the draft because he had been taken off many teams’ draft boards entirely due to evaluators’ concerns about his propensity for injury. Following pedestrian seasons from 2008-2010, Harris was released. In just his eighth season, Harris doesn’t look to have much left in his tank.

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