Jerry Angelo’s 8th Worst Acquisition

Brandon Manumaleuna-TE-Free Agent 2010:

Brandon Manumaleuna

Brandon Manumaleuna

The boneheaded signings of Chester Taylor and Manumaleuna in 2010 went hand-in-hand. Manumaleuna ostensibly was demanded by offensive coordinator Mike Martz when he came to town, the tight end having been drafted by Martz in St. Louis. Manumaleuna was nothing more than a third offensive tackle to block for Martz’ frequent seven-step drop pass plays. But he didn’t even do that well, as I distinctly remember him being blown by on several critical sacks of Jay Cutler in 2010. Like Taylor, Manumaleuna was guaranteed an enormous amount for his one season in Chicago: $6.1 million. And the return was virtually nothing.

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  1. The big free agent signing that year was Julius Peppers. Thankfully, that wasn’t a bust. Lovie Smith loved having ex-Rams on his roster, but they didn’t seem to love him back with good play. Interesting trivia: Manumaleuna was in the same Rams draft class as Adam Archuleta (2001).

  2. Undoubtedly another esteemed member of this list!

  3. Will Gaines Adams make the list or is that too crass?

  4. Oh I don’t think that would be crass Rob…the football facts are the facts regardless of tragedy. I wrote all the posts months ago so we’ll see in the next couple weeks whether we were like minded!

  5. Couldn’t block, couldn’t catch…terrible signing.

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