Jerry Angelo’s 6th Worst Acquisition

Frank Omiyale-OL-Free Agent 2009:

Frank Omiyale

Frank Omiyale

Angelo steadfastly refused to build the offensive line through the draft during his tenure. Granted, his very first pick was an offensive lineman (Marc Colombo in 2002). But aside from 2008 first-round pick Chris Williams, Angelo only selected linemen in the mid to late rounds of the draft, and rarely at that. He instead decided to staff the line with older veteran free agents such as John Tait, Fred Miller and Rueben Brown. This worked great until the older players began to break down in 2007.

At the start of free agency in 2009, Angelo’s first move was to sign Omiyale to a four-year, $14 million contract as a starting offensive lineman. Omiyale had done a decent job as a fill-in at right tackle in Carolina, and Angelo planned to make him a starting guard. Omilyale flopped in the role in 2009. What is still surprising is that when he was moved to the critical left tackle position in 2010, Omiyale played admirably, if not solidly. But in 2011 he was forced to substitute at right tackle, and played like a turnstile.

He was released following the 2011 season. Omiyale might have been a mere blip in the Jerry Angelo story, but counting on this gamble to return solid offensive line play did not pan out.

3 Responses to “Jerry Angelo’s 6th Worst Acquisition”

  1. Rob In Houston on July 13th, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    It’s funny you should mention his play during 2011…he is simply known as “The Turnstile” in our Bear fan group.

  2. yeah, awful signing. Further proof why Angelo was shown the door.

  3. I remember the discussion that he was going to be the LT. While in Carolina, the RT left due to injury. Omiyale was put in at LT and they moved probowler Jordan Gross on the left side. I believe that was the sole reason Angelo signed him.

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