Jerry Angelo’s 6th Best Draft Pick

Alex Brown-DE-Florida-Round 4 2002:

Alex Brown Chicago BearsAt face value when this pick was made, this probably looked like what would become a standard Jerry Angelo draft pick (a reach and a failure). Brown was considered by evaluators to have plenty of talent and potential, but he was thought to have been a lazy player in Florida who took plays off. The Bears had failed to find a consistent defensive end in the draft going all the way back to Trace Armstrong in 1989, so I figured this had every likelihood to follow the same path. But Brown responded by becoming an early starter, and consistently throughout his eight-year Bears career became just a notch below a Pro Bowl player. He ended up starting 107 of 127 total games in Chicago and notched 45.5 sacks. Remarkably for a lineman, Brown even snagged five interceptions. Great pick, great guy, glad to have his name on the Bears History rolls.

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