Jerry Angelo’s 6th Best Acquisition

Roberto Garza-G-Free Agent 2005:

Roberto Garza

Roberto Garza

Garza was signed as a free agent by Angelo prior to the 2005 season. At the time the Bears were grooming 2002 third-round pick Terrence Metcalf to take the starting right guard job, and the signing of Garza was widely panned as Garza had suffered knee injuries and was missing cartilage. Sign an offensive lineman that was missing knee cartilage? Smooth move, Jerry (it was thought at the time). Despite the concern, Garza became an immediate starter on the Bears offensive line in his first season, replacing Metcalf after 11 games, and has never looked back. As of 2011, when Garza switched to center from guard, Garza has been one of the most stalwart interior offensive linemen in Chicago Bears history. As well as appearing to be a really good guy.

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  1. Little known fact: Roberto Garza was on the cover of the Spanish version of the video game Madden ’09.

    They don’t make the Spanish version anymore, but I thought that was cool seeing Garza on the cover when I went to go buy my copy back in ’08.

  2. One of the most underrated players on the team, he’s been very solid and consistent and did a nice job changing positions last year. He’s the captain of the OL and he’ll need to play well in order for us to have a successful season.

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