Jerry Angelo’s 5th Worst Acquisition

Kordell Stewart-QB-Free Agent 2003:

Kordell Stewart

Kordell Stewart

Probably anticipating that he would be drafting a quarterback, and with the release of veteran starter Jim Miller, Angelo was in the market for the standard veteran quarterback to guide and tutor the rookie. So free agent Kordell Stewart was signed. Stewart had a very up-and-down career with the Steelers. Drafted in the second-round in 1995, used as the original “Slash” at wide receiver and running back, Stewart became Pittsburgh’s starting quarterback in 1997.

He had played himself out of a job by 2000, but was starting again and actually made the Pro Bowl in 2001. But in 2002 he lost his job again due to poor play and was released. Angelo figured Stewart would provide a unique weapon for offensive coordinator John Shoop, to be used in such plays that turned out to be quarterback draws after a fake handoff that drew linebackers into the hole.

Stewart started seven games in his one year with the Bears. He was intially benched due to poor play for the aged Chris Chandler, then reassumed the starting position after Chandler was injured. Then he yielded to rookie Rex Grossman when the Bears were out of the playoff race. He threw seven touchdown passes, 12 interceptions and only completed 50% of his passes.

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  1. Rob In Houston on July 17th, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    I lamented the day the Bears acquired this jackwagon. I’ve always been adamantly opposed to “gadget” quarterbacks like Kordell Stewart & Vince Young and really always hated the “golden boys” like Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, and Cam Newton. Luckily, the “quarterback carousel” we ran for almost a decade was almost over by this time.

  2. Awful signing, his best years were behind him.

  3. Jackwagon, love it.

  4. Kordell Stewart replaced Mike Tomczak in Pittsburg.

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