Jerry Angelo’s 5th Best Draft Pick

Kyle Orton-QB-Purdue-Round 4 2005:

Kyle OrtonSince the early 1990′s, the Green Bay Packers have consistently drafted late-round quarterbacks that have become starters around the NFL (Ty Detmer, Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck, and soon Matt Flynn). Jerry Angelo? Like his attention to the offensive line, there always was little to the backup quarterback position. He signed an aged Chris Chandler to back up rickety Jim Miller in 2002, and saw his actions implode on him in 2004 when Rex Grossman suffered a season-ending injury. Angelo’s backup plan that season was Jonathan Quinn, who was a disaster only to be rivaled by the Caleb Hanie debacle in 2011. So in 2005 Angelo selected Orton to be the eventual long-term backup to Grossman. Little did he know that another injury to Grossman would make the rookie his game one starter. (This only happened after Angelo’s first choice, Chad Hutchinson, embarrassed the team in a preseason game). Orton was a marginal starter in 2005 but coupled with the Bears’ best defense since 1985, the Bears made the playoffs. Orton then was the forgotten man from 2005-2007, but again became a slightly above average NFL starter in 2008. In fact it has been said that were it not for the Bears being able to offer Orton as a part of the Jay Cutler trade, Cutler may be in Washington or somewhere else right now. Chicago made a strong push to bring Orton back in 2011 following his release by Denver, but couldn’t make the waiver claim happen.

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