Jerry Angelo’s 3rd Worst Draft Pick

Dan Bazuin-DE-Central Michigan-Round 2 2007:

Dan Bazuin

Dan Bazuin

One of Angelo’s most epic busts. Angelo thought the small-school end would be a sleeper. Not much here to write about a player that never suited up for a game and was cut following one year on injured reserve. In fairness to Bazuin and Angelo, a knee injury during the preseason followed by a second surgery didn’t help the situation. But even after coming back healthy, Bazuin failed to catch on elsewhere in the NFL. Whether this was due to lack of overall talent or directly due to the injury, we will never know.

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  1. Reading each of these is like a punch to the kidneys, they hurt! Can’t wait for these to be over! Haha!

  2. Like Michael Haynes, I didn’t understand this one either.

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