Jerry Angelo’s 3rd Worst Acquisition

Gaines Adams-DE-Trade 2009:

Gaines Adams

Gaines Adams

The fact that Adams died tragically of an undiagnosed heart condition following the 2009 season is not a consideration here. This was still an awful move when Angelo sent Tampa Bay a second-round draft pick in 2010 for Adams, who had underwhelmed on the field despite being the fourth overall pick in the 2007 draft.

In 10 games with the Bears in 2009, Adams registered only seven tackles, one pass defensed and one forced fumble. Many in the league had already felt that Tampa fleeced the Bears in the trade, even before Adams died tragically. Adams’ death paved the way for the Bears to pursue Julius Peppers hard in 2010 free agency.

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  1. This was a bad acquisition, that 2nd round pick should have been used to help the offense out and give Cutler another weapon.

  2. If it’s ok for Tampa Bay fans to call him a draft bust, it is ok for Bears fans to do the same.

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