Jerry Angelo’s 2nd Worst Draft Pick

Michael Haynes-DE-Penn State-Round 1 2003:

Michael Haynes

Michael Haynes

The biggest busts are reserved for the failed first-round picks. Haynes was selected with the 14th overall pick, their top pick in the draft that year, after leading the Big Ten conference in sacks the previous year. The Bears could have stayed with the 13th pick and taken a solid player in defensive end Ty Warren, but traded down one spot with the New England Patriots. At that spot the Bears might have chosen safety Troy Polamalu, center Jeff Faine, guard Eric Steinbeck or cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, but they didn’t. Haynes only started four games for the Bears, registered 5.5 sacks, and was cut after three seasons.

6 Responses to “Jerry Angelo’s 2nd Worst Draft Pick”

  1. Based on this I have a pretty good idea of who’s going to be revealed as the #1 worst draft pick.

  2. I bet you’re right Jesse! I bet we think alike. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure it out. I will tell you that when this bawling pain in the ass was selected I was cursing the pick at the top of my lungs.

  3. Running back? Texas? Rhymes with Frederick Jensen?

  4. Anyone who’s watched the bears for more than 5 years knew who was #1 on this list from the beginning – there can be no debate as it is no contest.

    Reading this entry was still pretty painful however – we could have had a safety tandem of Mike Brown and Troy Polamalu…

  5. I’ll admit, for a second I was going to go with Rex Grossman, but in the end even he doesn’t compare to the obvious choice.

  6. a really bad fit, just seemed like he didn’t have a place on the team when Lovie took over.

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