Jerry Angelo’s 2nd Worst Acquisition

Adam Archuleta-S-Trade 2007:

Adam Archuleta

Adam Archuleta

Archuleta was a first-round draft pick by Lovie Smith during his first year as defensive coordinator in St. Louis. He was an All-Rookie selection in 2001, and a solid safety for the Rams through the 2005 season. In one of their usual free agent signing binges, in 2006 the Washington Redskins signed Archuleta to a six-year, $30 million contract. In just one season with the Redskins, he started only seven games and had fallen out of favor with his new team.

Smith was clearly enamored with Archuleta and as soon as word spread that he might be available in a trade with Washington, the Bears dealt a sixth-round pick for him. They also guaranteed him $5.1 million in salary for 2007. Archuleta started 10 games at safety for the Bears but was benched, then cut, when he proved he could no longer cover or wrap up tackles. After the acquisition of Archuleta, the Bears traded starting safety Chris Harris to the Carolina Panthers. When incumbent safety Mike Brown was lost for the season in the opener, it put even more pressure on Archuleta to perform, which he did not.

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  1. If THIS guy is #2, can’t WAIT to see who #1 is.. :-)Archuleta was horrible!!

  2. Mike, actually, as I look back at who I chose as #1 it’s a little surprising and might disappoint some. It’s a little odd, but I hope I can justify. Thanks for reading.

  3. Terrible acquisition. Way past his prime, one of the main reasons for the musical chairs at safety since Mike Brown & Tony Parrish were a tandem.

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