Jerry Angelo’s 11th Best Non-Draft Acquisition

Adam Podlesh-Punter-Free Agent 2011:

Adam Podlesh

Adam Podlesh

Chicago’s previous punter Brad Maynard had a successful ten-year run with the Bears after he was signed away from the New York Giants prior to the 2001 season. Maynard provided precision pinning of opponents inside their 20 yard line, if not big leg strength. But as of 2011 it was clear the next player at the position needed to be identified. Podlesh was a young player that was successful in Jacksonville, and Angelo targeted and acquired the player when needed. It may be surprising to some to see a punter listed anywhere in a top acquisitions list, but all the reader must do is recall the tenure of second-round draft pick Todd Sauerbrun in 1995 to remember that punters do matter. Sauerbrun possessed a booming leg, possibly the greatest for a punter in the NFL since the legendary Ray Guy. But during his rookie season, several Sauerbrun shanks actually contributed to losses in a season in which one more victory would have earned the Bears a playoff berth. So at least at this position, Angelo left the Bears in good hands for years to come.

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  1. Liked this move. He had a very successful season and is a big part of the ST.

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