Continuing the Top Lists Series

Howdy folks.  Good thing there has been virtually nothing to talk about regarding the 2011 Chicago Bears.  As of this day, July 7, there are still no prospects for training camp starting within a few weeks as it should.  Good thing it is this year that we’ve been too busy with work, family, and never-ending school to think about Chicago Bears History.

But we’re about ready to get back to cranking out some more articles on Chicago Bears History.  Recently, Neil Hayes of the Chicago Sun-Times engaged me in a conversation, and I realized that for some reason, I never completed the series of Chicago Bears Top Lists I started back in 2007 (covering who we feel to be our best players since 1977).  I have no idea why.  During the summer preceeding that season (when every year I have put together a different series of articles), I wrote on the top guards, punters, centers, defensive tackles, safeties, tight ends, middle linebackers, and versatile Bears.  Why didn’t I finish?

We’ll never know, but I will be picking the series back up starting tomorrow, with eight more articles posted twice a week.  Hopefully when finished, we’ll have football.  But who knows.

Certainly there will be varying opinions other than mine, please feel free to share them.

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  1. This whole lockout isn’t effecting me nearly as much as I thought it would. Maybe because the season hasn’t started yet and I always felt the preseason was a horrible tease.

    Looking forward to your best players series!

  2. Great to hear from you Perno! Agreed, real life has taken over. I just hate going months without posting.

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