Coming Up: Bears History Top Lists

I admit it, I may not be much of an original thinker, but I will tell you that I have enjoyed the rash of “lists” features going around, and it has inspired me.? My favorite channel (which I rarely get to watch with a five-year old around) is the NFL Network, and they’ve been running interesting programs in the offseason on their top ten lists.? Top Ten Draft Busts, Draft Classes, Linebacking Corps, Famous Disagreements, etc.? Love ‘em.? USA Today is also counting down their best 25 NFL players of the last 25 years, and my favorite site is doing their own.

So I have a lot of ideas coming up that I will begin posting on the blog every day, as well as training camp news as it starts to flow in.

First up?? Top Chicago Bears non-Hall of Famer at each position over the last 30 years.? Why non-Hall of Famer?? That eliminates Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton, Alan Page, and Walter Payton.? With the possible exception of Page, since he played for the Bears in his waning years, the others would most likely top their positions, and leave some of the suspense out of it.

So please check back daily and enjoy, and this being a blog, please give me your opinion on how wrong I am, or where you agree.

First up on July 20:? Offensive Guard.

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