Best Bears Tight End 1977-2007

After talking about a position where the Bears have been loaded with talent over the last 30 years (safety), we switch to one where they haven’t been as successful: tight end.? For more on that story, read my article on Chicago Bears tight ends from 2003.? Of course we can hope that is about to change with the drafting of Greg Olsen, but the book has yet to be written on that.

Candidates: Desmond Clark (2003-2007); Keith Jennings (1991-1996); Emery Moorehead (1981-1988); Jim Thornton (1988-1992); Ryan Wetnight (1993-1999)

Wetnight and Thornton are the first to go.? Honestly, they’re only on the list because it’s so devoid of talent.? They both had fairly long careers, and Thornton was known more for his colorful nickname (Robocop) than his play.? Wetnight was always there, but just didn’t stand out.

Jennings comes in at #3 on this list.? He lasted six seasons with the Bears, from 1991-1996, when his career finally ended due to a series injuries.? Wait, there was his XFL season in 2000 to remember.

Next off the list, at #2, is the current starter, Dez Clark.? Clark had the best season a Chicago Bear tight end has had since Moorehead or Ditka in 2006, but isn’t the threatening receiver the Bears have been looking for (which is why they drafted Olsen).? Have to hand it to him in 2006, catching 45 passes for 626 yards and 6 touchdowns.

The best tight end that has played for the Bears in the last 30 years is currently Emery Moorehead.? Moorehead was picked up off of the waiver wire as a wide receiver by the Bears in 1981, and immediately converted to tight end.? The following season he led the team in receiving during the strike-shortened campaign with 30 catches, 363 yards and five touchdowns in nine games. He finished his eight-year Bears career with 200 catches, 2730 yards and 14 touchdowns.’s best Bears tight end of the last 30 years is Emery Moorehead.

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  1. dennis venhuis on October 3rd, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    Your stats for Moorehead are inaccurate. According to, he had 200 receptions for 2,730 yards and 14 TDs for the Bears.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up, not sure where I got them but double-checked with the Bears media guide and that is true, I corrected it.

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