Top 10 NFL Curses Appearance

I most certainly will have egg on my face if my interview didn’t make the cut, but here goes nothing. In March 2013 I was interviewed for NFL Network’s Top 10 series on several Bears-related subjects. If my interviews don’t end up landing on the cutting room floor, this will probably be the pinnacle of my broadcast opportunities for my lifetime. It was a great experience and I’m super thankful to the network for asking me to participate. I was interviewed by Bob Angelo, a great guy and a legend at NFL Films.

Saturday night November 2nd at 8 p.m. Central on NFL Network, the first new episode that should feature my comments is set to air: “Top Ten NFL Curses.” There will be some very fun topics, including one involving the Bears. I’m thinking it will probably be featured very early in the episode.

I hope to end up making the cut on several more episodes that haven’t yet aired. If I make any of them, it most certainly should be this episode. I talked to Bob and his staff for 90 minutes, which he said hopefully will get around 50 seconds of comments used in bursts.

Enjoy the show! Just after it airs, I’ll post something new on the Chicago Bears Blog and if anyone wants to weigh in on the curse involving the Chicago Bears.

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