Ready to Roll

I created this Weblog in May 2007, and the vision is for it to be your one-stop shop for every news link on the Bears each day.? Between then and now, I haven’t lived up to the goal I set for the site, and it’s mainly been because news this time of year is so sporadic.? Well, this is about to change.

With the start of Training Camp coming up in gulp, less than 10 days, there will soon be a preponderance of Bears news and information flowing through this site, so please make us your daily launching pad for all your Bears news.? I will sprinkle in a little BearsHistory flavor, being that we are run by your friends at

And to help pass the next 10 days until the opening of training camp, starting tomorrow (July 20th), I’ll be announcing an interesting series of articles to keep your interest until our new season begins.

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