Nothing Happening…

I have maintained this Chicago Bears Blog for 4 years this month.  (Wow does time fly).  No way have I ever approached a month of no posts.  In some other offseasons, which were nothing like this offseason, the posts slowed down.  But never did I go a month without writing anything.

So I apologize to my friends out there.  But jeez, there’s just nothing to write.  Honestly.  The multi-millionaire players and billionaire owners seem to be set in their desire to deprive us of football in 2011.  And this time has allowed me to focus on more important things in life: work, family and a class I am taking that has me busy as I’ve ever been.

I believe there is a forthcoming court ruling this Friday that will probably re-affirm the lockout.  So then I go back to not paying attention, just waiting for the Bears to decide when they’re going to refund my ticket money on which they’re earning interest.

If I have the chance in mid-to-late June, I may resurrect what I’ve done the previous four seasons and start up a series of posts on Chicago Bears History.  Previous series included top positional players, the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor, and from last Summer the 55 greatest Chicago Bears Games.

I have a few ideas to actually begin posting again, so stay tuned.  Otherwise, enjoy the warm weather which has finally started in Illinois.

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