How’s Your Summer?

This Summer in Illinois, for those of you that aren’t here, has been very disappointing weather-wise. Too much rain and too many cool days. Bad summer in my opinion. If you’re in different parts, hope yours has been better.

But Summer is busy for us all. For me, I just wrapped up coaching the Tampa Bay Rays to a first-round playoff win and eventual loss by one run to the best team in the league. This explains the lack of posts.

Recently I moved the series of Jerry Angelo articles to to see them all in one place. Sometime before the start of training camp, which is in 19 DAYS if you can believe it, I’ll be getting to a series on Lovie Smith’s best and worst moments.

Football is almost here. Wow.

3 Responses to “How’s Your Summer?”

  1. Should be an exciting season, can’t wait for camp to start!

  2. I like your take on Jerry Angelo, myself, I didn’t think he was all that bad. Angelo’s downfall was his 1st rounders, he struck out on almost all of them, except for maybe Tommie Harris, 3 straight Pro Bowls for a defensive tackle isn’t bad, and a Bear record. Harris didn’t last long but the average shelf life for a pro football player is around 5 seasons. And Angelo made up for Harris with Melton, who is turning out to be a find!! The 2003 may have been Angelo’s best, he struck out in the first, big time, but the Tillman pick has paid off big time, Tillman is the Bears all time leader in ints among cornerbacks with 33, and only need 6 more to surpass Gar Fencik to become the Bears all time leader. And as for the Lance Briggs pick in 2003, Briggs is probably gonna have a bust in Canton some day. I like your site keep the Bear info coming GO BEARS!!

  3. Haven’t minded the cooler weather that much. Last year around teh fourth, it was 100+ degrees for like a week straight. I also had no power for a few days. Hardly ideal conditions, especially with a new born. I barely could take him out all summer. This summer? He’s been out quite a bit. And really, it hasn’t been that bad. It just had some stretches in the 70s. The rain is kind of annoying, but we’ve been trying to re-grow grass in all of our dead patches. IT’s been working so far… This is my last day of my vacation, so I’m sure to be in a lovely mood tomorrow…

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