Chicago Bears History on Chicago Huddle

Our segments on Comcast SportsNet’s Chicago Huddle.

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  1. It’s not working for me, just a red “X”.

  2. Hey Perno, it’s an embedded YouTube object-must be an issue with your browser. You can go straight to the video on YouTube at: Thanks man!

  3. Thanks for name checking Bears fans in Europe.

    My wife’s not nearly as understanding – she won’t let me have a Bearcave in our house.

  4. Roy – Awesome feature. Quick question, I love the Butkus throwback you got on. I’ve been wanting one of those for some time now. I know M&N made them, where would you recommend is the best place to purchase one of those bad boys? They are so expensive directly through M&N, is there a better outlet?

  5. Awesome Roy; big smile looking at those videos. I didn’t see a Packers doormat though ;)
    Thanks for crediting the old continent… and thanks for “educating” a fan like me! We haven’t been so close to another trophy since 2007…

  6. Thanks for watching, Sven and Bill. I wish I could have been more specific and said “Sven and Bill are great Bears fans in the UK and France” but it all happened in a blur.

    Ryan-I would have no idea where to get that jersey from now. I bought that from a Redskins fan that offered to sell it to me in 2002. Have no idea where he got it from. And I got lucky that he sold it to me dirt cheap for some reason. I do love it though.

  7. Nah, no need to. Great interview. Fun stuff.

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