on Chicago Huddle

For those in the Chicago area-check out Chicago Huddle on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago the next two Sundays.  This Sunday they’ll be profiling and next Sunday 12/26 the BearsHistory Bar.  I’d like to thank Joe, Greg and April Rose for giving us the opportunity (and free publicity).

Chicago Huddle airs at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings on Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

By the way, I gave a shout out to Bears fans in the UK and France like Bill and Sven.  I’ll post both clips after they’ve aired so our good friends overseas can see them.

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  1. Looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks Roy! It’s an honor to be representing!
    Can’t wait to see the clips!

  3. I’ll probably post the clips next week after the 2nd segment is aired. Glad you guys want to see it. Happy Holidays!

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