Sam Rosen: Utterly Unlistenable

Wow, how have I dealt with his announcing of regular season games on Fox to this point?  Maybe because they’re regular season games.  I have to listen to this three more times before the regular season starts?  More “Travis Taylor,” “Marcus Anderson” and misidentifying players and their positions?  I know for certain that I’m turning off the TV audio if he’s announcing any Bears away games this season.

What did you think of tonight’s game?  I was thrilled to see the two third-and-long conversions from Cutler to Knox during the first series-that’s the Martz offense at its finest.  Even if the starting offense didn’t run the ball.  And the defense, for the most part, to me looked as exposed as they did all of 2009.

But first preseason game, very small sample.  Good to see Bears football again.

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