Really? 21-0?

I hope there’s a Bears gameday staffer that was called into the boss’ office on Monday morning.  For those of you that attend Bears games, you’ll know this year there are probably 4 or more trivia questions that are put to the fans via the video boards throughout the game.

During Sunday’s game, one of the questions was “What was the final score of the 1985 NFC Championship vs. the Rams at Soldier Field.”  There were 4 potential answers placed on the board.  One of them was 21-0.  None of them were 24-0.

The correct answer was eventually shown as 21-0, which is wrong (of course that was the score of the divisional game against the Giants).

I’m not writing this to claim how smart I am: groans went up all around me as at least all the fans in my section knew this was erroneous.

Everyone has a bad day, but come on.  I’m sure the young intern the Bears delegated this task to wasn’t born in 1985, but since that intern is representing the organization to the 65,000 individuals that were within that stadium Sunday, wouldn’t you think that person’s boss would reiterate the importance of fact-checking?  When all that person would have to do is reach for the Bears’ media guides?

Oh wait, I forgot, the Bears took historical information out of the media guide given to schmucks like me this year and replaced it with a DVD.  Next time, they should just visit, I would say.

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  1. Do you know what’s worse? Listening to my wife’s Dad talking about football. He doesn’t watch it, but pretends like he knows it. Needless to say, I had to leave the room. I really hate when people pretend they know football when they don’t…

  2. Hey, Roy knows all about people who pretend to know football when they really don’t. Can anybody say David Haugh?? As I said before, keep blogging away Roy

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