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I’ve posted comments previously from the editor of Pro Football Weekly, Hub Arkush. I always try to take the high road, but I have mentioned that I dislike how Mr. Arkush talks down to the fans, often prefacing comments with “let me explain this for the fans, because they don’t understand.”

Tonight on the air with WSCR’s Dan Bernstein and Terry Boers, Arkush offered up these comments:

“Whenever the fans talk about the Bears and bad drafting, it always starts with Curtis Enis. They forget that Enis was on his way to being Rookie of the Year in 1998 before he tore up his knee.”

Hub, I realize I’m just a fan (even worse, a fan that is a moronic blogger), but Enis was most certainly not on his way to a Rookie of the Year season. I documented his Bears career way back in 2001 at Please recall that Enis didn’t start a game until the ninth week of the season, as he was still learning the offense and/or being punished for his holdout. When he finally started that ninth week against the Rams, he tore his left ACL and was never the same. Granted-Enis turned in a few solid performances and did look like he could be a battering ram in the NFL. But he most certainly never was going to better Randy Moss, 1998′s ROY, who had the best receiving season for a rookie in NFL history that season.

“Every fan says the McCaskey’s are cheap when it comes to paying players, but they’re not.”

Hub, please watch the recurring generalizations of “every fan.” I’m sure I have commented here previously, and certainly have on, that since the era of the salary cap and free agency (1993 on), that the Bears organization has always spent to the cap. They’ve just made bad decisions on how to spend the money.

Hub also said he’s confident that Ruben Brown has another year on his contract with the Bears. I knew that he signed a one-year deal last March, but the actual info is pretty easy to find in about 30 seconds by us dumbass fans.

I might listen to Hub more if he wasn’t constantly generalizing and insulting “the fans who just don’t understand.” As long as it continues, I’ll keep documenting it here.

I might actually buy PFW, but I won’t. If I’m a stupid fan that can’t understand anything per Hub I’m certainly not going to pay him to teach me.

I can’t be the only Chicago Bear fan that tires of being called an idiot?

I’m not saying that Hub Arkush is a jerk. But I just typed that there, because in my logs I can see people getting to my site because they have Googled the words Hub Arkush is a jerk. So to those of you that think that, thanks for visiting.

I have to admit, though, that I’ll listen to he and Doug Buffone before I’ll switch over to WBBM and hear more propaganda and positivity about a 5-11 season on the Lovie Smith show.

In the interest of fairness, Hub did mention that his sources indicate that Lovie Buddy Bob Babich could be one-and-done as defensive coordinator, and that injured rookie DE Dan Bazuin was a Lovie Smith selection in the draft.? (Smith pushed hard for Bazuin in the draft room).? So for that information, Hub, thank you.? I’ll believe it when I see it about Babich, being Lovie’s pal.

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  1. AS much I can’t stand him at times, he is right. Like it or not, there are alot of dumb ass fans out there. They drive me up the wall and insult me as a true fan. Every fan base has dumb ass fans. The Bears have a large amount since they are the biggest fan base in this city. It sucks, but what can you do.

  2. Whoa…well…I do thank you for stating your opinion. Of course every team has dope fans. I do take it as a personal insult, though, when I hear him consistently say “ALL the fans think…..” “ALL the fans don’t understand…” Good point though and thanks for taking the time.

  3. Well, the fact he says ALL fans, that I agree with. I certainly see why it would bother you. You, my friend, do not apply to the fans Hub is talking about. Maybe I’ve mellowed a bit. I used to get upset when mediots spew garbage that didn’t pertain to me, but I just tuned them out. The fact is, there are plenty of so called Bears fans that don’t really get it. Using them to protray ALL fans is wrong.

    It’s like saying all Cubs fans are frat boys that only go to Wrigley to party. And of course, that is far from the case. There are many true Cub fans out there that get it. It’s just the dumb fans give them a bad name. I’ve just expected it for it was.

  4. I don’t really understand why anyone would be upset by Hub’s comments. I’ve listened to him for many years and I never got the impression that he looks down on all Bears fans. It’s his job to give us information that the average fan may not know. How thin skinned do you have to be to think Hub of all people is a jerk? I’ve heard him speak to clearly dumbass Bear fans and he is nothing but a gentleman. Yea, he generalizes at times, but who doesn’t? He is always respectful of the individual caller, though.

    If the shoe fits, wear it. If you’re afraid your one of those dumbass Bears fans, most likely you aren’t. Lighten up a little.

  5. Fair enough Nathan, the purpose of opening this up for everyone’s comments is that everyone has an opinion, and I respect other’s opinions. And I’m glad that you posted yours. My opinion remains though. No, I don’t think I’m an idiot, jerk, moron fan as Hub has used in those exact words. What bothers me is when he delves into his rants, he does not say “let me explain this because some fans might not understand…” he universally says “let me explain this for the fans, who don’t understand.” Maybe I’m sticking up for the fans that truly don’t understand….anyway, I don’t lose sleep over it!

  6. thanks.. good blog!

  7. I know Hub personally. He speaks at an industry conference I hold every year for independent news distributors. He is very generous with his time, answering our members’ football quesstions for what must seem like an eternity to him. He helps sponsor the organization and get this – He picks up the bill for breakfast! This is not a few guys at Denny’s. This is 100 guys at a 4 or 5 star hotel.

    I don’t live in Chicago so I don’t hear what he says all the time, but I do know that he is a very generous man. He must also be fairly good at what he does as he’s been in broadcasting for years.

  8. I googled Hub Arkush hates the Bears and found this blog. I listen to the 670 the score everyday and I must say Hub spends more time picking apart the Bears than finding the good in them. Now perhaps he’s just a glass half empty guy and I’m a half full guy. Also I would like to comment that my next comments have nothing to do with how he treats callers or what I think of him as a person. Honestly, I would love to sit down with Hub and talk football. Anyway, yesterday on the score he mentioned Forte’s numbers are down……..I could give a rats ace about Forte’s numbers as long as we win. I’m sure Mr. Forte would tell you the same thing. Teams have recognized that he is a force to be reckoned with and they are now keying on him…. Matt’s numbers go down Kyle’s go up….So again, what’s the problem? It’s a team game and as long as we get the W that’s all that matters. Also Hub, clearly, hates Devin Hester. Give the guy a break, he’s never played receiver and he’s making contributions here and there. More than Mark Bradley ever made and he was supposed to be good!! It seems that the Bears have to beat the super bowl favorite for Hub to give them any respect. Hub I love you man but come on man, HALF FULL

  9. mathew idicula on July 30th, 2010 at 11:23 pm

    The McCaskey are cheap historically cheap with their money, and when they are not they are just stupid with their money, ( If you own a sport franchise what is the reason that you don’t try 100% to win is beyond me, and especially in a big market like Chicago). But I bet Hub Arkush is so hands off about the Bears Because, of his magazine Pro Football Weakly.

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