Chicago Bears Safeties 2001

I don’t get paid to write about the Chicago Bears, but I do think it’s critical to get the facts straight.  If I did get paid to write, I’d think it would be even more critical to make sure there weren’t any factual errors in my writing.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes, and they do happen.

But as public service, I find it interesting to point out gaffes every now and then in what I read.

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, in a very good article about Mike Brown probably having played in his last game as a Bear, it is stated that coaches thought Brown’s loss to a concussion in the 2001 playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles probably cost the game, not all the other things that went wrong that day.

But the article states that Damon Moore replaced Brown in the lineup.

Actually, Damon Moore did play in that particular game.  But he was playing for the Eagles, not the Bears.  If we’ll recall, it was Moore that intercepted the Jim Miller pass that caused Hugh Douglas to smash Miller, separating his shoulder and ending his career for all intents and purposes.

I assume it was probably Mike Green or Larry Wigham that replaced Brown in the lineup.  But it certainly wasn’t Damon Moore, unless he changed uniforms and sidelines that day.

Moore did sign with the Bears that offseason but was coming off a massive knee injury.  He did get into a couple of games with the Bears during the 2002 season, but never made any kind of an impact.

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  1. If that was Mike Brown’s last game he was a great Bear atleast in my eyes he was. That will be a big lost for the young secondary for the team. Best of luck to Mike Brown.

  2. Agreed, lets hope Steltz doesn’t keep getting run over.

  3. I agree this is probably Mike’s last season unfortunately with the Bears. However, we need to take a good hard look at why we continue to live in misery with Mr. Predictable RON TURNER! WHY would he not let Peterson or Forte RUN THE BALL…..they were moving the ball well every chance they got!

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