Bears Redskins 1996 Score

Today we start a new category of the blog called “Real” media goofs.? Look, I’m not perfect and it’s not my intention to criticize simple mistakes, as we all make them.? Heck, there were a ton of ugly mistakes in the first versions of my book.? I am extremely anal about spelling, grammar, being factually correct.? But when anyone sits down and writes 60,000 words and it ends up that they aren’t benefitting from proper editing by their publisher, these things happen.

However, people like me, that work hard to write on subjects about which they’re passionate and do so for free, are often referred to as “some dope with a website” by the “real” media.? This while blogs and independent websites like mine are taking over the print media.

Anyway, since I’m just “some dope with a website” I hold the “real” media to a higher standard to research what they write and get their facts straight, which is what they get paid for.? So when I see an error on a fact that is burned into my brain, I point it out.

Today, David Haugh from the Chicago Tribune wrote that the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 10-3 in 1996 in the first meeting between coaching brothers Ron and Norv Turner.? David, the Bears lost that game 10-3.? You got the score right, though.? This was the week after Chicago dominated the World Champion Cowboys on Monday Night Football, then they let us down against the Redskins.

Erik Kramer had several shots at the Redskin end zone from inside their 20 in the waning seconds that day, but couldn’t pull it off.? This was also all-world kicker Carlos Huerta’s second of his four games in a Bear uniform, before he was axed for being terrible.? We all remember Dave Wannstedt had replaced the legendary Kevin Butler with Huerta that year.

I like David as a writer, but he’s leading the goofs tally with this and his contention over the summer that the Bears unveiled the T-Formation in the 1940 NFL Championship Game.? Actually, the Bears had used the T at least since the early 30′s.

As of right now, the article at is still incorrect.? If you click the link and it’s changed, someone noticed it.

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