1965 Champions? Really?

This is low-hanging fruit, really. But I can’t resist.

On the Chicago Bears website, on the page with information for the 2008 Bears Fan Expo, the organization claims that members from each of the last three World Championship teams will be in attendance. Richard Dent from 1985? Check. Ed Sprinkle from 1946? Check.

Doug Buffone from the 1965 Championship team? Screeeechhhh.

I love Doug Buffone. Probably couldn’t have written my book without his great interview, giving me information spanning 13 seasons.

However, Buffone only played on two playoff teams (1977 and 1979). Nowhere close to a championship. He entered the league in 1966, so had the Bears won the 1965 Championship, he wouldn’t have been on that team.

And, um, Bears organization, that was 1963 that the team you work for won the NFL Championship, not 1965. Sorry that one of those stupid bloggers (perhaps the stupidest?) had to tell you. Me thinks you better get a player from 1963 in attendance, or change your page. Probably both.

Update May 20-Someone figured it out and replaced Doug Buffone of the 1965 NFL Champions with Ed O’Bradovich of the 1963 NFL Champions which, uh, is correct.  Everyone makes mistakes-I certainly do.  But when you work for the franchise, the standard should be high.  I have the screenshot with the error, but am not posting it.

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