I was very interested in the Viking-Packer Monday Night game.  Wanted to see how Aaron Rodgers would really look in full game action.  Needed to see how the Minnesota Vikings, who many “experts” have picked as world-beating NFL champs, would look.  Ended up needing sleep more than either and passed out at halftime.

The verdict?  Of course the Packers ended up winning 24-19.  Pretty close.  So much for those that predicted the Vikings to walk over the rest of the NFL easily.

Adrian Peterson looked scary.  Scary, as is expected.  Viking quarterback Tavaris Jackson looked scary in a different way, as many sane people expected.  Scary bad.  The Viking brass should find out why you don’t spend $42 million on Bernard Berrian when you don’t have a competent quarterback to throw to him.  I’m glad the Vikings committed that gaffe and not the Bears.

Aaron Rodgers?  He won the game, and the media including Dan Pompei are raving about his performance.  Why, I don’t know exactly.  He went 18/22 for 178 yards and a touchdown.  He scrambled well.  His offense also looked to be in disarray for much of the first half, and Rodgers overthrew his wide open tight end for a touchdown.

While the Vikings or Packers may very well win the NFC North, I am in no way scared by what I saw from either team.  The Bears are in the ballpark with these teams, whether anyone in the media will give them credit for it or not.

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  1. Tavaris Jackson will make us appreicate Kyle Orton. He’s that bad. The Vikings look exactly the same to me. They still can’t stop the pass or pass. Their running game will be great. They can win the division, but Super Bowl? Give me a fricking break. The sexy pick in the NFL every year based on hype usually ends up sucking (see 2006 Dolphins, and some past DET and ARZ teams).

  2. They should turn Tavaris Jackson into a third running back, and just run an offense with three running backs where no passing is involved. I think with all that chaos it would still look better than Jackson trying to throw the ball. He was absolutely awful. I mean horrendous. I love our chances after seeing the first week play out.

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