Vikings Fall to 1-3

On Sunday, the media’s assumed Super Bowl 45 champions lost to drop their record to 3-2.¬† Last night the Minnesota Vikings, the national media’s other shoo-in to win this year’s championship as of August, lost to the New York Jets to fall to 1-3.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears lead Green Bay by a game, and Minnesota by two and a half, I believe.

Happy Tuesday.

5 Responses to “Vikings Fall to 1-3”

  1. They actually fell to 1-3.

  2. That’s what 4 hours of sleep or so will do you me. Thanks for the catch-will correct later. 1-4 would be better though!

  3. Maybe after next week they’ll be 1-4…Though I hate the Cowboys so much, I’m torn on who I want to win that game.

  4. I was thinking the same thing Scott. I suppose we have to root for Dallas since the Vikes are in our division and we already hold the tiebreaker over Dallas.

    Apparently this game has already been dubbed the ‘Desperation Bowl’. Pretty funny.

  5. I’ll put my feelings aside for this one and follow pure survival instinct and hope Dallas be crowned the “desperation bowl” champions. By the way, isn’t there a desperation bowl – part 2, featuring GB and Dallas?

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