Vikings and Packers 2010

Since the Vikings play tonight to open the 2010 season, figured I’d write a few thoughts about them.  I can’t believe how excited I’ve been this week for football to start.  I’ll finally be able to sleep better tonight.

I’m so looking forward to tonight’s game with the hope that it will finally be Brett Favre’s last.  And as terrible as it sounds, I’ll be hoping for that every other week that the Vikings play in 2010.  Look, I have always had respect for what Favre has done in his career.  When he led the Packers to 10 straight wins against Wanny’s Bears, as much as I hated it, I really respected what a great quarterback Favre was.

But the whole act that has gone on the last three years is getting old, and I’m honestly convinced he’s going to keep un-retiring until he’s 50.  I know he has said “for real this time” that this is his final season, but I’m not joking.  If the Vikings want to keep trotting him out there for another 10 years, that’s fine.

I feel pretty good about the chances of the move blowing up for the Vikings this year-and a lot of smarter people than I seem to think the same way.  Even if Favre leads Minnesota to the championship game again, odds are pretty good that he’ll throw it away on a game-ending pick as he did in 2009, 2007 and 2003.

I also have to share one more realization about the Vikings.  As much as I dislike the Bears’ rivals on principle alone, I have finally realized that I have absolutely no ill will toward Viking fans.  Having been to that dump of a Metrodome three times, I can say the fans there were as good as any fans you could ask for, and treated Bears fans well.  I hate to seem like I’m wishing them ill will because I don’t want their team to win, but I don’t want their team to win.

On the Packers, I’m a little befuddled with the dripping, glowing love being thrown upon them.  Today in the Chicago Tribune, Brad Biggs predicted that Green Bay will reach the Super Bowl, and his coworker Sam Farmer predicts the Packers will win it all.

I get it-Aaron Rodgers is a good quarterback, they have great receivers and found a nice pass rush in 2009.  Mike McCarthy also seems to be a great coach with a great system.  But the Packers also have huge questions on the offensive line, mediocre running backs, and their ancient secondary is suspect.  And doesn’t it always seem that the team getting all the praise in the preseason doesn’t pan out?

[Cue the angry comments from offended Packer fans.  I'm serious-just wait.]

5 Responses to “Vikings and Packers 2010”

  1. Everyone was hyping them after last year’s preseason too. While Green Bay had a good year, made the playoffs..Their defense was embarrassed in that playoff game.

    As far as Favre..I think something is going to happen to that ankle this year and he will be done.

  2. I’ve heard countless people ranting and raving about how great Aaron Rodgers is and about how the defense is at the top of the league. Bottom line is our mediocre team last year lost to the Packers 21-15 and 21-14, so how good are they?

  3. Rodgers is 7-20 in his career against winning teams.

  4. Nice info Colin! That’s reassuring. Unfortunately he’s 3-1 against the Bears, though.

  5. I get it, you guys hate the Packers. But I can’t possibly understand how you can hate on Aaron Rodgers? The guy threw for 4000 yards, 30 touchdowns and

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