Tomlinson or Peterson #1 Overall-Fantasy Football 2008

OK, shifting gears here. I really hate dorks that talk fantasy football, but it’s that time of year. Bears training camp has broken, so allow me to digress a little. I promise this kind of thing will be very infrequent.

I’ve been in the same fantasy league for three years, and every year I suck. All of my grand plans always land me in the bottom quarter of the league. I complained the first two years that I was always drawn for a low draft pick (second-to-last both years), and this had to be the main reason I suck, I thought.

Then this offseason, seeing that the person with the top pick in the draft never seems to win, I came to the conclusion that one may be better off with a lower pick then a high pick. In our league, the first to pick selects last in the second round, then first in the third, and so on. So with the last pick, the player gets the very next pick. And I think having 2 picks in the first 11 selections is more valuable than having the top pick.  The second pick is easy-just take whomever is left with no worries that you made the wrong decision.

So of course, once I decided I would never want the top pick overall, I just got drawn for the top pick overall. I read somewhere that the #2 pick is more valuable this year than #1, because the second player doesn’t have to make the ultimate decision: LaDanian Tomlinson or Adrian Peterson with the top pick.

LT, obviously, has been the consensus #1 pick for 4 years straight. And he’s performed every single year. But Peterson is tantalizing, with the potential to blast through 2,000 yards rushing, 2,700 yards overall and 20 touchdowns. He also has a track record of injuries, while LT has missed one game in his career.

So what the hell do I do? Help? Comments welcome.

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  1. Tomlinson. Peterson is boom or bust, there will be some weeks when he won’t give you anything. LT always gives you something.

  2. Kenneth is absolutely correct. TOMLINSON #1 IN 2008! People that pick Peterson first are crazy, one year does not a career make, he has great games, then bad games, and he’s very injury prone. Oh and he can’t catch a football to save his life, he only had 268 yds receiving last year – LT averages 500 yds/yr and 2 TD’s via receptions, not to mention his passing ability. I think the last time the other AP played an entire season was in high school. I don’t know why this is even an issue – in Fantasy Football you ALWAYS go with the sure thing – and that is LT.

    PLUS I’m thinking you might be a Bears fan, do you really want to watch Peterson twice this year “sort of” hoping he scores a couple TD’s while the Bears score more? And don’t tell me you won’t want him to because even if 1/2% of you wants him to score, it will take away from your enjoyment of the Bears.

  3. LT has been there in the long haul. Peterson missed games last year. Unless you also take Chester Taylor, don’t pick AP. From 2004-2006, Thomas Jones did well for me. I think Forte can bring similar numbers. I will probably try to get him in the later rounds, and keep him in reserve.

  4. I had the first pick and I did pick LT even though I love Peterson this year, but now I have a problem, I’m being offered Peterson and Michael Turner and possibly a 3rd player for LT, should I do this??

  5. Hopkins,
    take the trade if u dont hav a decen 2nd RBt. LT isnt worth Peterson and Turner. but LT is def. the better of the two

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