The Last Brett Favre Post

This is the last post about Brett Favre unretiring to join the Vikings, or not unretiring, or unretiring to start a baseball career, or whatever.  I will try very, very hard to ensure that.  Unless the story is that Favre’s arm fell off, or he was bitten by one of his farm animals, whatever, I want his saga to be left unreported here in the future.

I always begrudgingly respected Favre, because he was a damn good quarterback for the Packers, ate the Bears alive more often than not, and made sometimes questionable talent around him far better.  I hope guys like Dorsey Levins, Edgar Bennett, Antonio Freeman and Donald Driver know how pedestrian their careers would have been if not for the everpresent threat of Favre’s arm scaring defenses.

So last week, Favre was quietly given his release from the New York Jets, and he and his agent stated that he would not unretire.  Then ensued a week of yammering back and forth about him joining the Vikings as the last missing piece to propel them to Super Bowl 44.  Now the report is that Favre has told the Vikings he’s not interested.

My opinion is that Favre the diva wants to drag this out as long as possible, staying in the headlines despite the public “aw shucks, I’m just a regular guy” demeanor he tries to show.  I don’t think this is over by a long shot, and I won’t be surprised at all if he does decide in July to sign with the Vikings.  Actually, I expect it.  I will read all of those stories when published, but I’m not writing about it.

Will the Vikings be better with Favre than Sage Rosenfels?  Probably.  Will the Viking offense have to contend with probably 10 more interceptions thrown in 2009 with Favre than they would with Rosenfels?  Probably.  Favre will probably help them, but there will be the chance of seeing some very comical mistakes when the 39 year old Favre tries to squeeze in a few balls he’s no longer capable of squeezing in.

Despite Viking nation all but guaranteeing this will put them over the top, we’ll actually have to wait and see what the result is.  But you’ll have to read about the lead-up to it somewhere else.

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  1. now roy, would would you say that this is your last say in the matter? its fun NFL news. and its in our division. we should know and talk about whats going on. it may be overdone but its kinda fun to watch favre let his fans down. its like watching a kid who beat up on you fall on his face. all these damn cheeseheads who thought favre was the best thing since goat cheese and rocky mountain oysters have to eat crow about how their “hero” is nothing but a drama queen. isn’t fun!?

  2. No, it is not. Supporting this in anyway is in some form or fasion supporting Brett Favre. If we stop talking about it and don’t click on posts that feature it, it will go away because it’s not making anyone any money. Let it die.

  3. I agree with you both. It is NFL news and divisional news, but I’m just sick of seeing the Diva get his name in the news when he should be on his tractor not making any news outside of Hattisburg. Besides, I’m positive that he will be back playing for the Vikings this year, so speculating on anything is just wasting breath.

  4. I hope he comes back, I want to see him get creamed.

  5. your right. this site is making way too much money on the favre talk. lets let it die.

  6. I am sure Roy will shortly be able to retire.

  7. Robert Carl Parisien Natick MA on May 11th, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    Just what is Brett Favre doing? nothing but ruining his legendary status as a great quarterback. He must have an ego the size of the football fields he played on. Quit, go home, mow the lawn. Or get a job in football somewhere that doesn’t require being on the field.

  8. Yeah right, after costs I make about enough to have an ice cream cone every month off these sites. But man, that mint explosion at Culver’s, if it gets me one of those a month, keep on posting!

  9. all i am seeing from this favre talk is his side says no, the vikes say yes. i say lets talk JAY! woo hoo!

  10. Is it a coincidence that Jay Cutler sort of rhymes with frozen custard? I think not.

  11. I like Cutler and custard, I guess. No coincidence there.

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