Sad Passing of Steve Sabol

Steve Sabol, the mastermind who with his father created the game of football on film as we all love to see it, the President of NFL Films, passed away from brain cancer yesterday. He was only 69.

It is ironic that I was just wondering and talking about Sabol last week in my Chicago Bears History Multimedia Presentation at St. Xavier University. I had known he was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago but I hadn’t heard anything more about him. I am as sorry as I can be to hear of his death as I could be about anyone I don’t know personally.

I mentioned Sabol in the presentation, because I referred to my absolutely, unquestionably, most favorite Chicago Bears viedo segment of all-time. Possibly the best six-minute segment of video I have ever seen on any subject, anywhere. Please take this six minutes to watch Sabol’s tribute to late Chicago Bears’ coach Abe Gibron, a larger-than-life man in several different ways. He might have been a terrible head football coach, but he was undoubtedly one of the greatest characters in NFL History.

4 Responses to “Sad Passing of Steve Sabol”

  1. I like the coaches smoking on the sidelines. Classic.

  2. Very sad day for the NFL.

  3. The NFL owes a lot to the Sabols. NFL Films is a primary reason I became a football fan. Sure, I’ve been a Bears fan since 1984, but I became a football fan when I got to watch NFL Films. Being a football fan made the Wanny/Jauron era a little more tolerable. I was stil able to enjoy watching football, even though my favorite team stunk.

  4. Yeah 2001 was a fun year, but that was about it from 93-04.

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