Reflecting on 363 Days Ago…

Well, hard to believe the excitement happening around here 363 days ago. Last minute search for affordable Super Bowl tickets (didn’t happen), then final preparations for a big Super Bowl party at my house.

As I told someone this week, I don’t extend diplomatic recognition to a Super Bowl not involving the Bears. As a college student in a fraternity in the early 1990′s, everyone always got excited and planned a huge party with a big-screen projector television, and I always wondered “what’s the party for, the Bears aren’t in it?” As big of a football fan as I am, I would just pop down for a few minutes then give up.

Last year was Super Bowl 21 to me, it will hold there until Super Bowl 22 happens the next time the Bears are in it.

I’m a bigger overall NFL fan now; that’s what happened to me after about 11 years of general Wanny/Jauronstedt suckage. So I will watch Sunday’s game. Very happy the Giants are there, of course, and after that final game of the season I’m looking for an exciting matchup. And I’m looking forward to making what is claimed to be the best ever carnitas recipe.

Enjoy the game. I’ll be back in a few weeks to start talking about the NFL Draft and free agency. Sad that’s all we have to look forward to. But hell, that’s all we’ve been looking forward to since November.

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