“Real” Media Showdown in Bourbonnais

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened. I’m always interested in following the behind-the-scenes stories like this.

I caught wind on my favorite Bears message board that some dude named or calling himself Roy (NOT ME) had apparently been taping each Chicago Bears practice and posting it on YouTube with his comments. It looks like many message board denizens were loving his videos.

Then, the way it looks, the “real media” got involved and shut him down. The Bears and the NFL obviously don’t allow something like this, and I just find it interesting how such a firestorm has erupted over some dude sitting in Bourbonnais with his video camera.

And apparently there is quite an uproar going on about who reported the guy and what the motives of the person reporting this guy were. Take some time to read some posts here, here and here from three different forums. Interesting.

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  1. “Your Boy Roy” now has highlights from camp back again, as of yesterday I think. You can find him on YouTube, his username is sportsfansnetwork.

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