Packers in NFC Championship

As I mentioned Friday, I’m through being bitter about the media’s golden-child treatment of the Packers this season.  Indeed, the Packers now deserve all the credit they’re getting for making it to the NFC Championship game as the sixth seed in the NFC field.

I cheered neither for nor against Green Bay tonight, because either way, my cheering would have nothing to do with the outcome of the game.  I knew deep down that I had to want the Packers to win.  Of course because IF the Bears can beat the Seahawks tomorrow, they’ll host the championship game.  But also, I don’t know if anyone but a Bears or a Packers fan could appreciate just how special a Green Bay-Chicago NFC Championship game would be.

The Bears and Packers have not met in any playoff game since 1941-they did that year because both finished with equal 10-1 regular season records.  One week after the Pearl Harbor attack, the Bears took it to the visitors 33-14 on their way to their second straight NFL championship.  And in the 70 years since, the Bears and Packers have not met in the postseason.

Green Bay dominated and embarrassed the Falcons.  Aaron Rodgers is on fire-and as much as I have to hate every Packers quarterback, I have always admired him for the way he’s battled back from adversity.

No more Bears-Packers talk unless and until the Bears do what they need to do against the Seahawks.  But giving credit to Green Bay, as it’s due.

7 Responses to “Packers in NFC Championship”

  1. They did look really, really good last night. I hope the Bears can do to the Seahawks what the Packers did to the Falcons.

  2. Amen Jeff!

  3. Chicago beat Seattle, shocker. What a blowout.

  4. Well, the final score doesn’t quite show it. But that was good! Next week will be fun.
    Go Bears!

  5. Wow, Packer week all over again…wish I was in Chicago to feel the electricity. We need to send some hookers and blow to Aaron Rodger’s hotel room the night before the game…who’s on it?

  6. Hey Perno, maybe Roy will finance this classy action with all the cash he gets from those commercial banners we always and thoroughly click on ;)
    Yeah, it’s the team 73% people want to see in the Superbowl; we only defeated a now 8-10 team to get “kindly invited” to the semi-finals while the Packers “earned” it. Overall, I must admit it’s been a best-case scenario so far with no injuries (although this is not just luck), opposing 3rd string QBs, home-like road-games, the worst divisional opponent possible and now a conference game at home.

  7. Well said everyone, well said. The best team on Sunday will win the game, that’s all there is to it. Who could ask for anything more than a Bears-Packers NFC Championship?