NFL of the Early 90′s

A little break from the usual daily news today.

I’ve been converting my Bears video collection on VHS to DVD, which of course is a long process of capturing all of the video second-by-second, then creating a DVD and rendering it overnight. After getting all of my collection up to 1989 done (about 100 games alone there), I’ve recently started on 1990-1992.

Anyway, the point is, as much as I’ll never have time to watch these games again, I have had to watch/listen to many of them recently, and a few things have been pretty hilarious.

  • Can you believe for a couple years back then, when crowd noise got crazy, the quarterback would just stop, the 45 second clock would stop, and sometimes the refs would warn the crowd that the home team could be penalized for “excessive crowd noise?” I vaguely remember this. It seems ludicrous given the efforts to pump up crowds these days.
  • “In the grasp”. From ? to 1991, if a quarterback was in the grasp of a defender, it was ruled a sack. Apparently this was overruled in 1992.
  • Instant replay went away in 1992. I believe it came back in 1999.
  • We may have the great Ed Hochuli now, but in the early 1990′s, we had Dick Hantak and Bernie Kukar. Dick of “FIRRRRRSSSSTTTTT DAAAAWWWWWNNNN!” and Bernie of “First Dooonnne” fame.

Ah, the memories. As I’m finishing with my VHS tapes of these games, I’ve been trying to get rid of them, but no one wants them. For some reason the 1990-1992 era is not appealing to anyone but me. Golden years, they were, I say.

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  1. Hey, I’ll take that Buffalo game. You know, the one with the field goal.

    Unrelated: AP should be our starting running back. Period. I’ll take 5-point-something per touch every day vs. two-point-nothing.

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