NFC Championship Prediction Time

Some would say it would be immature for one to root against his team’s rivals just because they’re his rivals.  So I won’t publicly say how I feel about Sunday’s NFC Championship in New Orleans.

I’m interested to know how you all feel.  Let’s just say I do feel like I have a vested interest in seeing one of these teams hopefully lose.

What about you?

8 Responses to “NFC Championship Prediction Time”

  1. Dream outcome, Jets vs Saints – Jets Win(T.Jones deserves it)
    Realistically, Colts vs Saints

  2. As a Bears fan living in Minnesota, I so badly want the Viqueens to lose and have all this build up just be the start of more Favre retirement crap. Oh and that Prince song….no words can describe how bad it is…almost as bad as that horn every two seconds.

  3. Honestly, I did pick the Vikings over the Saints on sunday. Yes they’re our rival but you gotta call it as you see it. I think it should be a close game, both teams can definitely put points on the board but I think that Minneota’s defense is stronger than New Orleans’ and that’s where the game will ultimately be decided. The way Minnesota got to Tony Romo on sunday really impressed me and I see Drew Brees being similarly flustered at times. So that’s my prediction.

    Oh, and if that wasn’t crazy enough, I picked the Jets over the Colts. The Jets seem to be peaking at the right time, kind of like the New York Giants in their 2008 playoff run when they beat the Patriots. That’s how I see it.

  4. I strongly dislike the Vikings and because of that I hope they lose. From what I hear the weak spot of the Vikings D is their pass defense, so hopefully the Saints exploit that and come out on top in a shootout and we can watch Brett Favre cry (hopefully) along with his wife. I don’t want Favre injured, just want him to feel like a loser, is that so much to ask?

    Also I’m rooting for the Jets BIG TIME, as a Jets vs Saints Super Bowl would put me in the running for a nice prize in this pool I joined. Agreed Jess – the Jets were very hot coming into the playoffs, best passing D, best running D, best running O, that’s a recipe for wins I hope!

  5. And think about it….the Vikings are a strong team, but they lost to THE FREAKIN’ BEARS!

  6. Saints-Jets. The Vikings are average at best on the road and I think that Drew Brees is going to take take that secondary apart. I also honestly believe that the Jets have the defensive answer for the Colts, the whole thing will hinge on Peyton’s ability to read that defense on the fly. They should both be great games.

  7. As I am 1-7 in predicting this years playoffs thus far..I am refusing to say who will win. I will say I am rooting for the Saints and Colts.

  8. I’m rooting for the Colts in the AFC Championship because I hate all New York teams. Definitely rooting for the Saints because I’ve always hated the Viqueens. I actually hate them more than the Packers.

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