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OK, my support for the Cardinals is solidified, I’m announcing 68 minutes before game time.  You have the whole Cardinals used to be from Chicago angle, and the fact that many celebrities (including our President to whom many people refer as a “Rock Star” forgetting that the President of the United States should be far from a Rock Star) are going public in their support for Pittsburgh, God knows why.  Anything a Hollywood celebrity would want, I’m usually taking the other position.

I have nothing personal against the Steelers, but I did have a memory from my childhood this morning (luckily one that didn’t end with me banging my head against the wall ala Rain Man.)

In today’s Chicago Tribune, the paper interviewed local Steelers and Cardinals fans about the game.  One gentleman they talked to, Robert Campos, gave me another reason to root against the Steelers tonight. In the article, Robert says he’s a huge Steelers fan who has never set foot in Pittsburgh.  When he was a kid in the Chicago area, the Steelers and Cowboys were dominating the league, and he jumped on that bandwagon.

Nothing personal, Robert, I have nothing against you doing that, but fans like you made me that much more proud to be a follower of the terrible late 70′s/early 80′s Bears teams.  I’ve said many times, when I was in third grade and just started following the Bears, I felt there were many more Steelers and Cowboys fans than Bears fans, even in my little town just outside Chicago.  Kids would remind me how bad the Bears were, but I kept my allegiance.  But I got real angry when a lot of those same kids jumped back on the Bears’ bandwagon when 1985 came around.

I trust Robert didn’t jump on the Bears’ bandwagon in the mid 80′s, when the Bears were banging Mark Malone and Bubby Brister around every couple years.

Enjoy the game.  Go Cards.  Not that football really exists for me right now, but it’s an excuse to make some good food & drinks.

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  1. I grew up in the mid-80s, so me becoming a Bears fan was easy. I knew of no Packer fans before going down to college. by 1996, magically, many Packer fans surfaced… My wife, who is from Rockford, almost became a Packer fan herself. Then, they screwed over Sterrling Sharp, and that was the end of that…

  2. I grew up in the mid 80s also and have always been a Bears fan. My older sister on the other hand was a 49er fan during their reign. Like you said Roy with the Steeler and Cowgirl fans when you were a kid I too just became a bigger Bears fan. Then to top it off my sister became a Brett Favre fan in the mid 90s.

  3. Doug, you’re killing me. So sorry to hear that!

  4. You’re assuming I grew up in Chicago but I just relocated in December. I’m happy that my interview increased your love for your team, that’s a positive I think. I’ll be at Soldier Field when we play your Bears next season and I hope you attend. I chose a team as a child & support them even when some natives throw in “the Towel”(Pun Intended). Try being the ONLY kid with a Steelers jacket in Kinder! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Championship to celebrate and a wagon to catch. :)

    Go Steelers!!!
    Robert Campos

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