Minnesota Madness Makes Bears Look Normal

And we get fed up with the Chicago Bears’ front office, scouting and coaching?  Doesn’t the lunacy we’re seeing in Minnesota that has led to a 2-5 record for a team of Super Bowl favorites cast the Bears in a little better light?  Things are starting to get ugly in Minneapolis.

Imagine trading a third-round pick for a guy you kept for four weeks.

Now, back to the Bears’ incompetence.

One Response to “Minnesota Madness Makes Bears Look Normal”

  1. Seeing how this embarrassing episode is playing out for the Queens is hilarious. As Bears fans, I think it is pretty much par for the course that incompetence is expected in terms of basic foootball operations and coaching is concerned. But this mess is certainly a PR embarrassment they (correct that, Chilly) foolishly seems to have launched them into.

    The reality is, if Favre doesn’t throw that pick against the Saints, they go to the Super Bowl, and probably win it. And nearly every one of ESPN’s toolshed of analysts picked the queens to get to the SB this year, and a few weeks ago were crowing about how great the Moss pickup was when it happened and how they were going to start tearing through everyone. You’ve got to love it!

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