Let the Terrell Owens Talk Commence

So reports have it that the Dallas Cowboys have released talented but petulant receiver Terrell Owens.  The Bears need receivers badly (not just A receiver, mind you), Owens is talented and available, so for days now there will be an avalanche of speculation from Bears fans and the media.  One newspaper in Chicago employs a writer that seems not to do much else but write about fantasy scenarios the Bears will never enter, so expect an article shortly from this person.

So please, speculate all you want, talk about how great it would be for the Bears to sign Owens (even though we still don’t know if we have a quarterback for the first time since 1950), because from a football standpoint it would be nice to have a talent of that magnitude.  As a fan, I wish it would happen.

But like trading for Jay Cutler, like trying to sign Jason Taylor, like offering to trade Brian Urlacher for Anquan Boldin (did a kid from your elementary school ever trade you their Ho-Ho’s for your rice cake?), this is not going to happen.

As if the Bears have ever dipped their toes in the water for talented but difficult players (they really haven’t), they’re certainly not going to now.

Talk about it, think about it, dream, argue for it, Jerry Angelo’s plan is not going to change.  The plan?  Play it safe, don’t spend too much money, don’t make any big moves, save the money for your own players when they’re due extensions.  That has worked with Tommie Harris, Brian Urlacher, Nathan Vasher, etc., right?

4 Responses to “Let the Terrell Owens Talk Commence”

  1. While Owens is a tremendous athlete with amazing natural abilities, I can think of no greater toxins in the locker room than him. I wish him the best, but would not enjoy him suit up in a Bears uniform.

  2. being from texas and watchin the cowboys for many years, i have to say thats one of two things the cowboys needed. the next is to get a real head coach and let grandpa eat his worthersoriginals some where else. the bears need alot of work (that they refuse to do with free agency ) but they don’t need a TO to come in and rattle the cage. could you imagine how he would react to Orton leading the team? HELLO! Orton would regress so far it would make your head spin.

  3. I would love to see TO in a BEARS uniform…. Can it be? Probably not he is to much of a distraction with the chicago media being the way it is when making mountains out of mole hills when it comes to the behavior of professional athletes especially…

  4. ocimenora… do you wanna watch orton crawl under a rock when owens lights him up for not throwing him the ball 35 times a game? do you wanna see the locker room divided with alot of inner circles or one team with one goal? you want TO lashing out at the team when the media asks how the team is doin? how about poppin pills and being an overall headache? if it happens, TO becomes a bear, you will be regreating the day he walked through the door.

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