Is it safe to go outside now?

How many of you believe Brett Favre is really retiring this year?  He even filed his paperwork correctly this time, which he didn’t do last year.

I’m actually shocked.  I really thought he’d do what he could to be a pain to the Jets, since he held the cards with their cap situation.  He could have forced them to release him, then signed with the Vikings if he wanted.  I think it would have been hilarious to see him try to play for the Vikings at 40, with a bum shoulder and refusing to have surgery or miss any games.

But I didn’t think there was any way he’d unretire last year, and he did.  So we’ll see.

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  1. To be honest with you Roy, I’m not really convinced that Favre is indeed retiring for good. He seems to be like a football version of Michael Jordan. Favre loves the game so much and I just think come training camp and the dawning of a new season, he will yet again be reconsidering his decision.

  2. Its fairly safe that Favre won’t be playing for the Vikes, Bears or Lions – even if he does un-retire. Why?

    The Jets hold his rights for two more years – to the tune of $13m per year. If they release him, a big chunk of that money hits their cap…money that they can’t afford. They’re desperate for cap space after last year’s free agent spending spree.

    If they trade him to the NFC North, the Jets lose three first round picks…which no team will compensate after Favre’s performance last year.

    So, Bears fans, if Favre does unretire, grab a six-pack and enjoy the stupidit…um…show. It will be quite entertaining and should have little impact on our season.

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